Great Pyrenees that [K.i.l.led] 8 coyotes to Protect Sheep Nominated for Farm Dog of the Year!

Great Pyrenees are super protective ♥️

Such a brave brave boy! ❤️😘👏 Great Pyrenees are the best dogs!!

What’s your dog’s special skill?

A Great Pyrenees who almost [] his life one year ago while protecting sheep from 11 coyotes has been nominated for the People’s Choice Pup in the Farm Dog of the Year competition.

John Wierwille share: Casper, named for the friendly ghost, made headlines in November 2022 when he [] eight coyotes that were [thre.atening] his pregnant partner and the sheep on his Georgia farm, his owner.

Good dog…….❤️🐾

Wierwille said Casper took out three coyotes that made it inside the pen and then leaped a 4-foot hog wire fence to go after the rest of the pack.

Love, love these dogs!!!♥️

Maybe in ten seconds he had the first three [] methodically. Just one, two, three…”
He leaped the fence in one bound and went after the rest of the pack chasing them through neighbors’ yards and carports. It went on for about 30 minutes.
The next morning, we found coyotes along the railroad tracks that Casper []. In all he [] eight of the eleven coyotes.

The best breed on earth!

Casper went [] for two days and returned with [in.fec.ted wo.un.ds] that Wierwille didn’t think he would survive.
After multiple surgeries, 15 days with an emergency vet and help from Lifeline Animal Project in Atlanta, Casper made it through.

Wonderful guardians ❤️

His [in.jur.ies] left him with a bald spot on his back, a [] on one ear and a docked tail but that doesn’t stop him from expressing his happiness.
Casper was back on the job by June 1 getting hamburgers as a reward for chasing away coyotes.

Congratulations Casper🎉👏

Casper deserves every bit of this! What a wonderful, courageous protector and beautiful too!
Pyrenees are great work dogs. Miss ours , he was awesome!💖


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