Man Devotes his Life to Adopting Old Dogs who can’t find forever Homes!

He has a BIG LOVING HEART! ❤❤❤

So cool that you do this for these old dogs and provide them a loving home. 🏠 Elderly dogs need us more now…!
Thank you; what an amazing life you have given to these sweet old dogs! You are a very kind loving man; respect & love.🌹💖🙏

Steve is an animal lover, as evidenced by the number of pets in his home and the way he photographs them.
Steve explained why he is so involved in caring for so many animals: I never realized when I was a kid that you could have a measurable association with a rabbit, chicken, pigeon, or pig.

But as I grew older, I took my time and let those things happen. My situation has improved.
Pet’s love for Steve taught him the meaning of life.

Engelbert is a new puppy adopted by Steve. Engelbert was discovered in a shelter by his father, Steve. Steve went to the shelter to get another dog, but that dog had already been adopted, so he looked around again and saw Engelbert.

Engelbert joined the family, which included six dogs, a pig, a cat, a rabbit, and other animals, as well as a human, Steve.
Engelbert loves his unusual family! However, Engelbert had a long list of health issues as a result of his former employer’s [ and vi.ole.nce].

He was [le.ft] outside in the winter, resulting in frostbite in both ears, which had to be [am.put.ated], as well as neurological issues, with his hind legs not functioning properly.
Despite this, he was always a brave little dog. He couldn’t believe he could be so happy!

All of Steve’s pets are lifesavers, and as you can see from the photos, Engelbert is gradually falling in love with and bonding with this family!
Check out the photos of Engelbert and his new siblings; they were all [hu.rt], but they’re now happier than ever!

You are an awesome human being. ♥❤️💕

They all deserve a home and love.🐾 🐾

Thank you for being such a kind caring person to the animals 💙

We need more people like him prayers for all the dogs ❤🙏
Bless this man for caring & giving a loving home to these older dogs!!🏠💕

God Bless this man with all the funds and health to maintain these doggies in a good and safe home.🙏🙏🙏


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