Belgian Malinois, Eva, Rescues her Owner from a Mountain Lion!

What a loyal and brave animal. A true gift from Jehovah!!!

A true HERO, in every sense of the word! Your owner is alive because you sacrificed everything to save her!
You will always be remembered and loved! Run free sweet angel, until you meet your owner again over the Rainbow Bridge! ❤

Erin Wilson was hiking along the scenic Trinity River, with her dog Eva, a 2-year-old Belgian Malinois.
A mountain lion suddenly lunged at Wilson, scratching her shoulder, and that’s when her dog Eva lunged to defend her owner.
Eva and the big cat [ fi.ercely], but the cat latched onto the dog’s head. Its long teeth [pu.nctured] Eva’s skull.

Wilson ran to her nearby truck and grabbed a tire iron. She and another female hiker, who heard the commotion, then began to [] the mountain lion with the tire iron and rocks.
The other hiker then used pepper spray on the cat and it finally let go of Eva, and took off into the brush.

What an amazing heroic dog!! ❤️

The two women rushed Eva to a veterinarian. Eva [co.nvulsed] during the frantic drive, according to Wilson.
Xrays showed that Eva had two skull [fr.act.ures] and a [] sinus cavity. Eva spent several days at the vet but after getting fluids she started eating again.

Video shows Wilson hand feeding her heroic dog, and despite the [te.rrif.ying], there is good news. Eva was released and is home on her own dog bed, with her own dog toys.

You were loyal, brave, and true!

Wilson hopes Eva has turned a corner and makes a full recovery. She says there is no doubt in her mind that if she didn’t have Eva by her side, she would have been [] [by] that mountain lion.

So Thankful for your Eva!!🙏🏻 This is the definition of devotion and loyalty. Eva, you’re an amazing dog! 🐾❤️❤️❤️❤️

[Po.or] pup RIP Eva what a hero definitely loyal brave one true friend untill you meet your owner fly high over the 🌈 bridge ❤️
God send you a angel bless you and your dog heal fast!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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