Orphaned Baby Zebra and Rhino Calf comforts and Helps each other Heal!

This is so heartwarming to see them together!❤️️

The little rhino had a tough time at birth, but she found comfort in her new zebra buddy! ❤️
At night, they snuggle together, which provides Daisy comfort and security 😍 ❤️
If humans could learn from other species to look past our differences and unite together in times of need, think of what differences we could make…

In early December, the sanctuary took in a 1-day-old rhino calf—who rescuers discovered with her umbilical cord still attached—and named her Daisy.
And Daisy befriended a zebra foal named Modjadji at South Africa’s Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary.

Since taking in Daisy, Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary has been working around the clock to keep the baby animal stable and healthy. According to the sanctuary, without colostrum from her mother’s milk, Daisy and her immune system are massively [com.pro.mised], making the calf [vu.ln.erable] to [il.lness].

Proof that love defies boundaries… ❤️

Daisy’s care includes staying at the sanctuary’s ICU, receiving plasma transfusions and [ant.ibio.tics], getting light exercise, and keeping warm with blankets. Humans aren’t Daisy’s only helpers.

It’s so amazing the compassion one animal can give another. ❤

The young rhino recently befriended another patient at the sanctuary’s ICU: Modjadji, a young zebra foal rescued following [se.vere storms].
Modjadji started keeping Daisy company shortly after the baby rhino arrived and can often be found cuddling and nuzzling the animal.

The Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary told: She has befriended little Daisy and is really offering her a lot of comfort. She is incredibly gentle with her, and the two seem to be good friends already.

Animals have more sence than people most of the time.

Daisy still has a long road ahead of her as she works to build up her strength while fighting off illness, with the sanctuary calling each day with her a [miracle]. The facility has seen some improvement in the calf’s health over the past few weeks, especially in Daisy’s appetite.

They are hopeful that Daisy’s fighting spirit and friendship with Modjadji will help see her through any difficult days ahead.
That is so cute cuddling up to one another.

Animals are amazing.

That is so sweet how beautiful animals are so amazing& have a lot of love & feelings 🥰❤️🤗👍🌟🙏 Hope they keep them together. ❤💖

What a blessing this place is… The folks helping with these precious animals. 🦓❤🦏
God bless you both! 🙏🙏

Watch the video below:

Extraordinary and beautiful!!! Animals are just better than humans in SO many ways!


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