This CAT considers herself a Big and Brave Dog after being raised as a Husky!

Who said that dogs are not friends with cat? 🐶🐱❤

This quartet is so adorable that no one can stand it!😘
That’s Lilo and Rosie is the kitten she helped nurse back to health. 🥹❤️🥰
Now she considers herself a big and brave dog 😘

Cats seem to the most vivid of imaginations. I think they when they try to sneak up on even a toy they fantasize they are a lion or tiger, like they are the king of the jungle about to pounce on some unwary prey.

The Husky dogs sure are beautiful dogs, , and so is the smaller husky cat a beautiful (dog)…

Sometimes dogs and cats are [fi.erce ri.vals], but other times they love each other. Here’s an example: this cat plays with three Husky dogs, and this is probably due to living with naughty buddies for too long, she considers herself a Husky!
Kozy was once a pitiful, [], and defenseless kitten, but she was rescued and raised by the owner of three Huskies.

They do have their little delusions, don’ t they?❤️

Husky puppies adore and enthusiastically care for their younger sister!
Every day, Kozy follows her big brothers and plays with them, and she considers herself to be a big and bold dog like her “brothers.” Their owners were both amused and moved by this.

They are all gorgeous ❤

This, however, is nothing to be ashamed of; it is simply too adorable!
Kozy enjoys playing a bossy role and believes she is bigger than she is. This cat couldn’t live without her big brothers. They instilled confidence in her and helped her overcome the sa.dness of being a.ban.doned in the past!

She’s cute and cuddly looking! ❤️

No one would [ to bu.lly] Kozy after seeing her mighty bros!
Many people couldn’t help but exclaim when they saw Kozy’s solemn expression, as if she truly believes she is a Husky!
This family is too adorable, the cute kitty has three big protectors on her side!

No cats here just husky’s doing husky stuff😆

That kitty must feel so cozy between those furry huskies!!!

All in the Family enjoy unconditional love and keep doing your best and stay safe ❤️💕


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