Boy was Saving his Money to buy Puppy, Grandma asks him to Close his Eyes & Stretch his Arms!

What a beautiful precious gift for this little Boy!!!💝

For 18 months, the boy had been saving up spare change to save enough to buy a puppy. But Grandma’s gesture made him cry.
This is waaaaay beyond precious!❤️

We’ve all fantasized about having a fluffy puppy since we were kids. What a wonderful thing it would be if it came true!
Xander Mellor saved money by politely asking his mother, Natalie Ellenburg, for the [cha.nge] she had on her and depositing it in his savings jar.

He has been diligently saving for the past 18 months to purchase a puppy for his memorable sixth birthday.
Nothing appeals to children more than sweets, cool ice cream sticks, and fatty fried chicken pieces. Xander, on the other hand, has completely [se.ver.ed] his favorite. He is [de.spe.rate] for a puppy!

When his grandparents learned of his wish, they decided to visit him and make it come true!
Xander assumed this was just a regular visit from his grandparents and ran out the door as soon as he saw their car. As he approaches the car door, Grandma instructs him to close his eyes and spread his arms to receive the gift.

The boy was surprised and happy as he waited for Grandma’s gift, whatever it was, but his eyes opened wide in awe when he saw that it was exactly what he had wished for: a cute puppy!
This moment will undoubtedly be remembered; the grandparents’ love is truly immense!

Xander couldn’t keep his emotions in check for long. The child was so moved by his grandparents’ love for him that he burst into tears while lovingly hugging his pet dog.
This is without a doubt the best and most memorable gift he’s ever received! Xander will undoubtedly have many years of fun and adventure with his furry friend!

Grandma could have taught him a great lesson and ADOPTED him a puppy instead of buying one!
God Bless this birthday boy with many happy, healthy years with his new puppy.🙏🙏🙏

This video has been circling in social media for quite some time now, maybe years. Hope the young man’s enthusiasm for his dog is still as high as the internet-users’ fascination about this story:

Bless him so glad he got his puppy!!!
Hurrah for Grandma she saw the sincerity in his heart when he was saving his money in order to buy a puppy.💕 
He is just a little Darling, and the puppy will be his soul mate.
That was so touching…❤️