Mother Goose takes care of 47 Babies and Keeps them all Safe!

Now that’s going above and beyond. Good job Mother Goose!!!!🦆

Marvellous how she full control not a problem with one them. Mother Nature at its best.
So beautiful to see all of them in a row behind mom goose. 💖💖💖

Mother of the Year! She even seems to be in charge of a kindergarten of goslings!
Digout, who lives in Saskatoon, Canada, discovered the goose family while sitting on the banks of the Saskatchewan River. He had planned to photograph beavers, but this unusual family piqued his interest.
This caring Canadian goose is looking after a large family of 16 baby geese!

Digout begins to return to the river every night in search of this unusual family, the number is so impressive that made no one can take their gaze away from them. And with each sighting of the mother goose, her flock of geese seemed to grow a little more, until one night the number of geese chicks increased from an impressive 16 to an astounding 47!
Digout photographed the breathtaking sight of baby geese swimming after their mother and shared photos of the magnificent mother and her babies on Facebook.

The mother geese have a large number of chicks because of a phenomenon known as “gang brooding,” in which two or more pairs of geese’ parents decide to combine their families and raise their chicks together.
This means that the mother goose is basically babysitting a large number of baby geese while the parents rest. It could be said that she is in charge of a nursery!

The babies love to snuggle under the mother goose, they simply sleep in a big pile, all cuddling like one big happy family! The mother goose will care for the baby geese until they are old enough to separate and start their own families.
It goes without saying that managing such a large and mischievous cub is extremely difficult!

Nature is amazing ❤️

Geese are wonderful parents!

That’s a LOT of babies!! 💕

What an incredible mother 🤩

The mother goose is a wonderful momma as well as a superwoman! Super Mom for sure! Shows what goes on in the animal world.❤️🥰

Bless this Mother Goose’s soul!🥲🥲🙏


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