A Pitbull waits Patiently in line to get an ice Cream just like Everyone else!

Doing his SOCIAL DISTANCING too!!!

Aren’t staffies the most beautiful and friendly dogs out of all the breeds but you have to treat them right and give them lots of loving.
They are the sweetest most happy loyal dogs around!!!

Hope he got his ice cream 🍦

This cute pit bull was just hanging around her home when she heard the ice cream approach and she completely lost her mind!
The pooch got quite excited as she rushed to the truck and patiently waited in line like everyone else as her human stood right beside her.

What a good boy.

When her turn finally came, she was looking up at the window waiting for her sweet treat and when she finally got it, she ate the whole thing in seconds and then just went for more.

How patient and well trained he is!

Letting her swallow that whole ice cream cone probably gave her brain freeze but she is so well mannered.
What a good boy, I wish kids would behave like him.

What a smart little doggie!

They are great dogs as long as the owner cares for them the right way. That is a beautiful happy face 🤗

That smile is so cute. Good manners❤

Sweetest, most well mannered dogs on planet earth. All dogs are special, but the pitbull takes grand prize of special.
How could anyone re.sist this Darling Angel?

Watch the video below: 

Omg what a sweetheart come on get his icecream for him, he is waiting his turn, just a amazing pup!😘


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