Marathon Runner Rescues Adorable Puppy and Carries for 18 Miles!

What a lovely thing to do…

Story is a few years old but she did adopt him and lives with her now!
This fitness fanatic noticed that other athletes were avoiding this lost pooch 7 miles into the marathon, but she slowed down and coaxed the trembling pup to come to her and she carried it for the rest of the race.

This woman proved that she is more than just a good athlete; she also has a big heart. 💕❤️❤️
That’s wonderful. Such a kind thing to do especially in the middle of a race. You took the time to stop and rescue this sweet furbaby then still finish the marathon.

Khemjira Klongsanun is an athlete from Bangkok, Thailand. She particularly enjoys running and has competed in many races.
In one of her recent marathons in Bangkok, Thailand, a puppy on the side of the road made her stop and fo.rget about the competition.

She’s almost finished the race, but after seeing that little puppy there, she couldn’t help but save her. She came to a halt, picked her up, and carried her for the duration of the marathon. Rather than leaving her for someone else to speed up, she chooses to run alongside the dog until she reaches the finish line, forging a bond that will be difficult to [br.eak].

After the race, they quickly came back to the location where she found the pup to see if her siblings or mother were still there, but they were not, so Khemjira took the puppy home with her and has now adopted it.
Khemjira named the puppy Nom Chom, and she now has a forever home.

That would have been one very motionsick dog at the end of that marathon!

Absolutely love this ❤️

Happy the doggie is still li I h with her.😘😘

Such a sweet girl. Glad she adopted him.❤️🙏💯😍

Look at Nom Chom soaking up the rays and getting some much-needed beauty rest!

Nom Chom has had a ve.t checkup, and she is happy and well cared for by her new human mom and fur siblings. Nom Chom is becoming acquainted with one of her new siblings.

Such a sweet young lady and a cute dog. So glad she adopted the sweet dog buddies forever 😇❤️💕


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