Dog Ti.ed to Pole reaches out Paw to the Cop, as if to say; Please help get me out of here!

So glad he was found and is being taken care of!

A dog, attached to a pole, nervously extends its paw in the direction of the police officer as it waits for the help that has finally come to save him. ‎
Thank you so much for saving this beautiful pup!!!💖
He looks such a lovely dog. Why do people have to do this instead of just taking them to a shelter.

In Pompano, Florida, there were supposedly two dogs [fa.ste.ned to ut.ility] poles. The investigation was put in the hands of Officer Angela Laurella.
Nobody knew how long the dogs had been there or who had [le.ft] them because there were no cameras in the area. Officer Laurella, on the other hand, realized that there was no purpose in wasting time because the outside temperature was already over “100 degrees”.
She ran over and saw a weak gray dog holding onto a pole so tightly that it had rendered him [].

He was [t.i.e.d] to a [pole] with a very [short]. He was [te.rri.bly] unde.rweight and [de.hy.dr.ated], and every rib and bone protruded.
The dog, who was now called Liam, bent his head and put a paw in the officer’s hand as if asking to be given a pet. He appeared to shrink and extend his paw when she walked up to him quietly, as if pleading for her assistance in escaping the predicament.

Thanks to this Wonderful Officer!

Liam had a difficult childhood and needed particular care, so Officer Laurella recruited the help of “the rescue 100+ A.ban.doned Dogs of Everglades Florida”.
After several trips to the vet, Liam, a 17-pound pocket bulldog, is now recovering at Roman’s house. He is now becoming stronger and eating food more efficiently than before.

What a trooper this dog is been thru [he.ll] and deserves the best!

Despite the fact that he still has a long way to go, including numerous appointments to the vet, Liam has been a joy since being saved.
Roman hopes pet owners will first seek aid and resources from shelters and rescues before deciding they can no longer care for their animals because so many shelters are already at capacity.

This is why dogs are so much better than people. 💁‍♀️

Despite everything, Liam continues to make an effort to assist others, demonstrating his readiness for a life with a caring family.❤️

Now, He has a beautiful home with lots of love. ❤
So happy that this dog found a wonderful owner.

Thank you Officer for saving that dog and for all the work you do. ❤️
God bless those who protect and serve us!🙏
Bless the person who saved this precious dog. 🙏🙏


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