Little Koala clung to his Mother along the way during her Life-Saving Surgery!

Baby Koala Hugs Its Unconscious Mom! I’m not leaving you, Mama…! ❤

Nothing is more important to a baby than his or her mother. This photograph is extremely moving!
So glad mom and baby were able to stay together! Such an adorable pair!!! Lots of love, hugs, and kisses coming your way.
Times Animals Have More Emotions Then Some Humans 🥰🤷

Lizzy is the name of this mother koala; she was [h.i.t b.y] a car in Australia, resulting in a collapsed lung and facial [in.ju.ries]; the good people immediately took her to the em.ergency room.
Fortunately, her baby son Phantom was unharmed, and because he was so young, the staff decided that he should be left with his mother.

Great to see both will pull through!

When he saw his mother un.conscious, he was so worried and confused that the only thing he could do for her is hugged her tightly!
Phantom stayed with Lizzy throughout her check-up and procedure, giving her constant cuddles, and it appeared that his hugs were effective.

Animals are so loyal and true just love this hope mom is okay!

The su.rgery was a success, and Lizzy will be fine soon; they are on their way home!
Mother’s love is truly priceless; the staff at the veterinary institute were moved to tears when they saw that scene!

So sweet… hope mama bear is well now ❤️❤️

Baby’s love is very powerful, glad they allow him to comfort her.🎉🙏

Gorgeous & a touch sa.d as the baby would not understand what’s happening to mum. It must have been lovely to see the hugs when mum woke up after the op.
Animals have emotions and can love. Thank you for saving her and allowing them to stay together. I believe having her baby with her may have helped her survive 

A mother and baby bond is fiercely strong!

So glad baby stayed with its mummy hope all is well with them ❤💕💐🎉🙏
Praying that mom is well and fully recovers‼️ Her precious baby needs and loves her‼️ 

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