Dog adopts baby Goat Re.jec.ted by Mother, Nurtures her as one of her own Puppies!

Great Mama dog to take in a baby goat!!

She’s wonderful for taking the goat kid on.
Animals amaze me, irregardless of the species , a Mothers love is always at the ready, they are truly a gift from God
Amazing mama but her living conditions could be better!

The baby goat named Rita was [rejected] by her mother at the moment of her birth. However, Blizzie the dog of the farm was involved and ready to take care of her.
Took baby Rita under her furry quilt, feed her like she is one of her pups, as a true family member.


Glori Rushing an 18-year-old farmer told us that the moment Rita’s mother, Smore, rejected her, Blizzie took over; she jumped into the coop and took her to bed with her own pups, whom she had given birth to a few days earlier.

Motherly instinct, a heart full of love.❤️

Blizzie who recently had a litter of puppies, climbed over just to get Rita and put her with her own puppies.
As Blizzie took care of Rita due to her motherly nature, Gloria decided to let them stay together.

Retrievers are beautiful dogs!!!

She said: She was doing an amazing job. She had enough milk to feed them all. At first, Gloria and her husband tried to feed the [po.or] baby goat but she seemed to like more the milk of her new mother.

How cute and sweet!!!!!!!❤️

What a Wonderful Mom. It’s truly amazing how they can share their love ❤️ with babies, other than their own.
This is a great example of their compassion!!❤️❤️

Bless her heart for taking this precious animal in as her own🙏🙏🙏


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